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Personal Email Addresses (i.e: are very valuable in portraying a professional image of your business.  ZAWebs has the ability to setup a personal email address for you within an hour.  We can even assist you to add the personal email address to your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone to east the process. Personalised email addresses are also not as expensive as you might think, so feel free to contact us for a quote

Benefits of a personalised email address include:Personalised Email Addresses / Personal Email Address

  • Life Long email address
    • As long as you renew the domain and hosting, the email address is yours and under your control.
  • Protrays a professional image of your business
  • Provides instant credibility
  • Promotes and supports Brand Awareness
  • Makes it easy for people who you email to find your website
  • IUt's cheaper than you think.

Can I get a Personalised Email Address?

Definitely Yes.  Let us know what personalised email address you would like and we will check it's availability for you. Click here for our contact information

Not yet conviced of getting a Personalised Email Address? Maybe consider the below:

Drawbacks of a "Free Email Address"

Many website owners decide against a personalised email address and to rather use one of the many "Free" email addresses e.g or one tied to an internet service provider such as for their business.

This is not always the best option or neccesarily a wise choice if you wish to portrait a professional image of your business.

In addition to this, consider the following - After using one of these email addresses for a couple of years the:

  • service provider concerned suddenly closes it's doors or
  • their level of service deteriorate to such a degree that a business needs to find an alternative or
  • You decide it's a good idea to get a personalised email address.

All the years of emailing and marketing with brochures, business cards, etc... ends up going down the drain with the "Free" email address.

When considering the importance of an email address in today's times and it certainly makes sense to get a personalised domain related email address e.g This address is not tied to a service provider and will be yours for as long as you keep your domain.

These personal email addresses are usually part of your website's hosting and there is no reason why not to use it. It can only enhance the professional image of your business.

At ZAWebs, we will gladly offer you advice, check domain availability and provide the necessary quote, so feel free to contact us.


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